About Us
We are FIBER.

We are a digital marketing agency, we are Canberra locals, and we are based in Canberra. But, most importantly, we are an odd-ball group of online marketers, designers, and developers who are impetuously impassioned about finding your digital personality. 

We know that the ever-evolving process of marketing your brand is akin to your teenage years—so let's speak in common terms. At first, it's new and exciting, yet once you realise your responsibilities, it's daunting. And throughout this, you're always hangry. What makes these experiences so memorable is that they are universally shared and yet, completely individual. This is something that we at FIBER really understand.

FIBER offers a unique approach to our highly unique customers with a shared outcome—being found. Whatever this journey or process might look like, the smorgasbord of weird and wonderful talents at FIBER are the guiding threads that bind together your distinctive strengths to more effectively market you. After all, isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Have your people call our people and let’s do (a socially distanced) lunch.
Our team
Meet the team.
Kevin Bhadra, Managing Director
Kev's all about asking the right question. But the right question to ask is; when is it due?
Maree Winmill, Business & Customer Success Manager
Maree's an avid bushwalker. So if you’re looking for walking tracks—track down her for a walk-talk.
Brittany Jackson, Marketing Lead
You can hear Brittany before you see her. Her laugh is even bigger than her hair.
Yohann Berger, Digital Campaign Manager
Yohann has an eagle-eye for loopholes and a long and strong distaste for anything-Apple.
Catalina Nieto, UX/UI/Web Designer
Cat is living proof that cats and dogs can be best friends.
Juan Forero, Graphic Designer
If Juan hears Juan more joke about his name, he will be Forero-cious.
Emma Pinyon, Digital Marketing & Social Media Assistant
Em is very em-pinyon-ated, so be fact ready if you're looking to debate her.
Winston 'Winnie' Winmill, Office Puppy
Winnie is our goodest and most cuddliest boy.