What We Do
We asked our FIBER (marketing) team why digital marketing gets them out of bed every morning, and we got a mixed bag of answers. For example, one team member said to give back to charities, and another said to rival Buzzfeed quizzes… What we at FIBER came to realise is that we are a company full of unique characters that are distinctively ourselves. This gave light to how we approach our digital marketing; finding your digital personality. 

There are no two businesses the same, and like people, companies are highly individual. And, there can’t be a typical process as all businesses are at different stages. When we develop your strategy, we create a bespoke approach to achieve your goals and outcomes. Embracing and weaponising your differences is what makes us different.
Digital Marketing
The internet has given digital marketers the freedom to deliver truly bespoke campaigns. Through the various digital marketing services such as digital marketing strategies, online media, experiential marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Lead generation. As well as digital advertising through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC). Our clients can track the user journey, target the right users and find new markets and users.
Marketing Communications
The aim of marketing communications is all about quality control. We understand the messages and reputation you want to convey and ensure it is consistently communicated across online and offline channels. These include advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, online presence, printed materials, PR activities and more.
Data Visualisation
Data visualisation is a powerful business tool that represents your data through graphics. We take - with permission, of course, your data and dissect it through evaluation and analysis. This is then systematically mapped and turned into something beautiful. This process helps you to better understand your data and how to use it.

Marketing Strategy
Developing a marketing strategy is the most crucial step in our marketing process. In this stage, we sit down with our clients and create bespoke strategies that outline the long-term goals that are to be achieved. When the time frame has passed, we also have a framework to measure the success of the campaign.
Marketing projects