Majura Valley

The Majura Valley is a picturesque region located in the Australian Capital Territory that boasts a range of local producers, tourism destinations, and businesses. In 2022, the Majura Valley Regional website was launched as a collaborative effort between local government, producers, and business owners. The website aimed to promote the region to tourists and locals alike, showcasing the unique offerings of the Majura Valley. In addition, a directory of Partners of Majura valley was created to provide a comprehensive list of local businesses, producers and tourism operators in the region.

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The icons depict aspects of the farm, including vegetables, animals, and machinery, and were designed to give the website a rustic and down-to-earth feel, reflecting the farm's commitment to traditional farming practices and locally sourced produce.

Majura Valley's website features hand-drawn icons in simple lines, created to represent the farm's values of sustainability, community, and the natural environment.

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