Our Process
On the dark side of the moon is FIBER (website). We asked our (websites) team why they do what they do. They’re driven to design and develop websites as they’re an integral communication tool in the digital age and a few of them didn’t want to do anything else as they were ‘really bad’ at maths.

FIBER (website) believes the best design is an equilibrium of functionality and aesthetics. On the development side, we have streamlined our process to be efficient and simple without compromising the overall plan. On the design side, we are content and design driven. This means your brand, content and ideas rule what we create. Through our CMS system, we can handover your product and you can take control with ease.

Project scope is the project planning phase. This involves determining a list of specific project deliverables, features, functions, deadlines, and costs. In other words—we identify what to achieve and the requirements to deliver the project.
User Research
We use diagrams that depict the journey taken by a user to meet a specific goal. By laying the process out along a timeline, we can understand the changes in context as well as the motivations, problems and needs along the way.
The concept here is to generate as many ideas as possible—even if they are risk enduring. We do this so our team can sift through the ideas later and consolidate the most promising.
Wireframe / Prototype
In this stage, we build wireframes and try to simulate all the visual and typographic design details of a product as it would appear on the final website. Wireframes also display the product relative to the dimensions of the physical device’s size.
We build content-driven sites without relying too heavily on developers or complex data systems. We define content structures and work with a CMS that allows you to update the content on your own.
Testing / Handover
The final stage of the process is testing. We give you time to reflect on the website and amend any aspects which need further attention. In this phase, you gain complete control over your website.
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